NudestPics was created in 2013 to offer you the best quality and details of nude girls, enjoying high resolutions and really free access to high quality images for free. It is still in Beta. I will add more and more free pictures. Full galleries are coming soon, so stay tuned!

You can zoom in to the maximum of a huge photo resolution and still be able to see amazing details as nowhere else on the internet, and definitely not for free. With our visitors desires in mind and we…

Sshh I’m tired of such lines. OK, I’ll be honest with you: this is not a ‘business’ (tho I am registered), I’m the only photographer and I love ‘my girls’!

NudestPics was born from a naughty dream, on a rainy day, seeing my girlfriend’s beautiful body, admiring her shapes and lines, her moves, her joy to be…yes, naked!

And I said… hey, wait a second… time will pass, your body will change, my mind will change… I will forget this… I will forget the pure joy (maybe not the joy, but definitely the shapes!) of seeing you as you are… bare skinned… why should I let this happen. It’s such a pity.

Hmm what to do… after hours of thinking (actually there were a just a couple of seconds, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait any second!), I came up with the idea: I want to take photos of you! … she smiled in such a way…aaah! and replied (after a few moments while my heart was pumping the blood so fast that I could have sworn I’ll explode..) “Could you…?” YES YES YES!!

Lucky me, I already had a DSLR (yes, mine), and I wasn’t new to photography (tho not nudes), so guess what I did?! Yes, I really grabbed the camera (forgot to change the settings) and boom! took a shot, and voila… an underexposed (that means too dark, yeah..way too dark) photo was born!

I could barely see her and her slim shapes (due too bad camera settings), but I was so happy! It was like my baby… my first born, and even tho I couldn’t tell much of what it is, I knew it’s mine, and I knew this is what I wanna do!

As you could guess, she (blushing all over) impatiently asked me to show her the photo… and so I did; she smiled and said ‘soo cool!’ (I still thank her for her humor and support…)

That was her first nude shot. That was my first nude shot. It was our photo. My dream is to make many photos like this (hahah no, not dark photos, but real photos of real girls that still blush when they get naked…that they still feel the excitement of being as they are in front of the camera), without making the skin ‘softer’, without edits and too many setups!

And now you ask then why do have shots with lingerie?! Because I like them! Because it’s fun to be sexy (and dammit, it’s really exciting!)
So I won’t hide anything, I will show you the real deal, the real girls, including their private parts up-close and open!

Why? Because we humans are curious beings! If we won’t be, I would not be able to talk to you on the internet, as we won’t be able to discover anything… and yes, it’s about discovery, it’s not about porn.

You won’t see porn here. Ever (it’s a pinky promise)

If you share my dream and you ‘get’ me, ‘my shot’, ‘our shot’ is now ‘your shot’ :)
I only ask you to please respect my work and the girls, and not ‘steal’ these images. If you share the word about this website, that means you support me, and when I feel supported guess what I do?! Yep, I take more shots! I am planning to do more and more, in more locations, more creative with each photoshoot!

Another great news is that I will be travelling more and more, to pose different girls, from as many countries possible!

The more visitors this website will get, the more I will post. Why? Because I don’t make any revenue, I support all the costs, and this is the way to see that this work is actually useful, and people enjoy it :) Otherwise, I would just keep the photos for myself.

Now don’t get too serious, you’re not force to do anything! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my story (sorry it was so long and I got you yawning all over your display hahah)

Signed: Passionate photographer called Marius

PS NO, I won’t edit or proofread this ‘about’ page! I won’t ‘setup’ my words, same as I don’t like to ‘setup’ my photoshoots!

PPS NO, not all the girls were my girlfriends! (haha can’t deny I wish that, but I’m not so fortunate!)

Some girls posed for free, for some I had to pay (because this is erotic). But they are ALL amateur; actually none of them posed before. Really.

And I swear it was fun every single time! So much fun that I want to travel more to find all sorts of interesting places to pose in, and girls that won’t mind getting dirty and weird, love cool places and are excited about this!